Chiex Camforx

You won't like him when he's angry


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About Chiex


Chiex Camforx was born fourth into a family of seven in the city of Holidax. Holidax, being built as a living homage to the origins of the Trox people, focused primarily on the crafts and skills that Trox are best at, digging, mining, and quarrying. Chiex’s own father was a shift manager for one of the larger mining sectors.

Chiex’s siblings all strove to be like their father, strong, gruff and a miner by trade. Chiex worked during his formative years in the mines, and though he feels a comfort there, he wanted to serve his people in a different way.

Natsuma’s Fist

While going through the marketplace on an errand for his mother, Chiex witnessed a thief snatch a large coin sack from a mechant. Knowing this was wrong, Chiex began chasing the thief, managing to grab the thief’s leg and trip him. This also caused Chiex to tumble, nearly losing the thief. Out of the shadows, a robed figured appeared and deftly subdued the thief with a few jabs. The robed man quickly tied the thief up, and returned the sack to the owner. Chiex was amazed, and tried to speak to the robed figure but he refused to speak. Chiex followed him. His target ran quickly darting through alleys and narrow corridors. Chiex managed to follow the figured for an hour until he finally came to a small passage that emerged into a dimly lit but fortified fort hewed out of the rock. Nothing marked the area other than the golden Trox fist that Chiex knew as the symbol of Natsuma’s Fist; the elite contemplate order charged with protecting the ways of the Trox in Holidax.

These figures were spoken off mostly as a joking threat. Parents might warn their children about acting out lest Natsuma’s Fist find them. Most people know very little of the Fist, including whether or not it actually exists.

fist.pngChiex approached the fort slowly, and upon reaching the large stone doors, they opened slowly on their own. Chiex found a robe with his name on it in the entryway. He entered the fort and began his training.

For years he studied with Natsuma’s Fist while working in the mines; the mines hardening his body, and the order honing these skills.

Later years

After years of studying with the order, and closely with his mentor Faloox, he became a deft fighting machine. Though the general temperament of Holidax is a distaste for outsiders, Faloox did not share this sentiment. Faloox instead believed that while the Trox history should be protected, the history of the other races was just as valid, and dwelling on the past was dangerous. Faloox charged Chiex with going out into the world to observe the ways other Trox live. Faloox told him to go out as a silent observer; charged to not speak until the time was right. Just before leaving, Chiex was tattooed with the golden fist emblem of the order. This tattoo is under a exo-plate that is only raised during his frenzy.

On the road to Crusimyx

Chiex first went to Tranyx, seeking to see the cause of Holidax’s prejudice. He found that the city was very different than the general thought taught in Holidax. The demon order long since diminished and the muse providing a positive influence, Chiex found it refreshing. The miners were happy, multiple races lived harmoniously.

Chiex then went on wards towards Crusimyx while travelling through the overflowed marshlands he came upon a battered Ungaga standing over a small creature. This creature yelped out and Chiex roared out commanding the Ungaga to run if it wished to live. The Ungaga fled, and Chiex rushed to the tiny creature. He discovered Rarg severely injured. Chiex hefted the surprisingly dense Rarg onto his should and shushed to the nearest village to seek treatment. When he was well enough Rarg and Chiex continued on to Crusimyx becoming fast friends as they discover the world together. Rarg is the only person that calls Chiex by the nickname “Chex”.


Chiex seeks to learn about the outside world. The order is primarily about protecting the interests of Holidax, but it is also about doing what is right. Chiex now seeks out opportunities to learn and defend the weak. He can’t often find the right words to express what he’s feeling, but can often tell the right thing to do. He may eventually go back to the order, but for now he seeks adventure.

Relationship table

Best Friend: Mex, a rock

Hardness 5
HP: 15

Character Chiex Relationships
Ben Rarg Rarg and Chiex met on the road to Crusimyx. Rarg had been badly injured and Chiex carried him to Crusimyx to be cared for. Thus setting the precedent for carrying. Rarg is the only person allowed to call him Chex.
Patrick Mavash Mavash thinks Calex woefully misinformed about the world and you have decided to teach them all you know.
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Chiex Camforx

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