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Founded By: Monstrous Humanoids
Founding Date: Undecided
Common Races: Bats, Monstgrous Humanoids, Deer
Location: North of Portlandia
Known For: Being a terrible place


Foudned by the abominations of the Elder Deer, the town is in a constant state of apocalypse. Homes are constantly destroyed, people are murdered, eaten, reanimated, and then live on with their normal lives.


Built mostly to keep the abominations busy.


Seen mostly has a mistake, people come here to end their life, or to live a terrifying life of adventure. Few ever leave alive.


Most buildings are constructed seemingly in the worst place possible; overlooking a ravine, in the middle of the road, above a lava pool. Most structures reach about 23% completiton and then hover with 10% of that state.

Example city

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