Adventure 7 : Session 2

Dear Journal,

Mavash is dead. He was cut down by a supposed contract maker.

At the entrance to this plane, we searched through the crystal vials, each finding one with our names on it. No one else could read my name on my vial, but I could. Mavash couldn’t find his, but he searched for a long time.

Oh also, Maginrad’s mutilated corpse was in the corner of the room. We inspected him, but couldn’t figure out what had happened to him. Maginrad had a scroll of break enchantmen, and a contract. Mavash looked through it, but was only able to make out some of the words. “Naziff, eternity, blood, lucifer, willingly, contact, servant, sould, blood, soul academy, servant” and it was signed by Nagziff and Maginrad.

We were scared of the door, so Laike powered me up with a wand and I focused some ki and opened the door to no surprises. There was a hallway past this room with doors leading to: A lab, a Lecture hall, a Professor’s room, and library.

The professor’s room had papers all over, and broken furnture, and a dark liquid splattered about and in a pool on the floor. There were also various bones of animals about, which Laike eventually sorted through for his collection.

The lecture hall was wet and humid with tiered rows of desks. Illia Ean, the woman from the thieves guild was badly beaten and chained to the back wall. I tried to find out what happened to her, but all she could do was babble about “the tentacle woman”

The Library had a wizard inside searching for his spellbook, his name was Torentious. The other books in the room were gently rearranging themselves. He said he was stuck in this room until he found it. I asked him if he was sure it was in this room; he seems angry and told me to leave.

The laboratory had lots of alchemicals and lots of vials and tables. A beautiful elf-muse woman was in there talked to me. She told me her name is Markal and that she’s sort of a go-between us and the contract makers. I told her we had our vials, but that some of us hadn’t found ours. The doors had locked behind me, and when Brivyn comes in, I leave with him.

In the hallway, she appears behind me and Brivyn and says to Mavash “I understand you can’t find your vial Mavash”. So she knew quite a bit about us.

Laike unlocked Illian and while we were talking to Markal, she stabs Mavash and Laike and runs out yelling, “take them first”. Laike and Bart dash out of the hallway, just in time for Big Black Tentacles to erupt from the floor. I can navigate around them pretty easily, but they grab Brivyn and Orsen momentarily. I tried to punch Markal and missed, but I told he that I’d make a contract if she’d stop. She agreed and put away her tentacles.

We fought about who would make a contract first, and eventually Mavash decided to go first. He went into the lecture hall with Markal. and then started screaming and yelling for help. I blinked in and landed a few punches, Mavash slashed at her and then tried to back away and got viciously cut down for his troubles. If I had been faster, or if I had made my contract first I could have prevented it.

Laike also said that he fought a bone devil with Big Rocky.

We checked on Illian and Bart said that Markal appeared and grabbed her with her tentacles. I loaded Mavash’s body into his bag of holding and I’ll pay to have him brought back. He can pay me back eventually.

We headed into a larger domed room with a big mural. The mural showed a muse bowing to a fiery demon/devil thing. Bart recognized the Muse as Volsnuch Korva, the ancentor of Toff Korva who brought us to this competition. A large devil is in the room with a quill and parchment writing in mid air in front of him. His horns had dreadlocks of parchements.

We asked him his name. Lorathackt.

Then I stopped to write what had happened so far before I was killed too.

Maybe my contract can include stopping this competition for good.

Bye Bye Journal




Adventure 7 : Session 1
The Punching

Dear Journal,

I hope we can make it out of here. Mavash says that we’re locked in some kind of other hell plane. Getting here was interesting though.

We arrive in the competition area. Fatmire didn’t show up. He was too scared I guess.

Toff gave a pretty speech that really got the crowd going. He told us that the key lights are glowing balls that we will find in each hall. When he says GO we all run to Hall 4

The Hall of Summoning (Hall 4)

It takes us half an hour to find the key light. It seems to be in a normal classroom. There were 5 key lights spinning in a circle, and there were some snake monster statues nearby.

Mavash made a pit beneath a statue but nothing happened. (He was convinced it would come alive like Tol’s monsters.

Laike summoned Rocky and told him to grab a key light. When he did, the other key lights turn into thin frail black demons with whips. The demons were pretty good at tripping up Bart and Mavash. The real canon of the fight was Dwayne though, he blasted through three of them in one go. Very scary. I guess it was scary enough that Laike just ran out of the room. Mavash was able to banish one devil, and Nate was able to tear one apart. We got the light and ran out.

We decided to split up and tackle two halls.

Brivvn, Bart and me went to the Hall of Lies, while Laike and Mavash went to the Hall of Whispers.

Hall of Lies

We spent another half hour trying to find the key light in this hall. It was very twisty and turny, and some halls seemed to wrap around back to themselves and move around.

Eventually we found the keylight down a hallway. Bart went first, and got to the light fine. I tried to follow him but had difficulty. It seemed like I was moving forward, but the others said I was just standing still. Bart said that at the key light, a horrible image/illusion of Karn the Butcher appeared, but that he easily saw that it was a trap. We got the light and got out somehow.

Hall of Whispers

Mavash told me about this area. He said that they looked a while and then found another classroom. There were coffins set up and some skeletons hung up around. Laike was able to see a little purple light coming from one coffin. Then they fought about who was actually going to dig through the coffin, including Mavash trying to kick the coffin over, but eventually Laike starts digging.

Eventually he find the key light, and when he touches it, all of the water sucked out of the room and their bodies. Apparently it hurt a lot. They got the light and met back up with us.

We met up and were talking about where to go next and the Evocation school blows up. I ran over quickly hoping that I’d be able to get in before it reset, but there was a invisible force blocking me from shortcutting through the hole in the side. The crowd was excited about the explosion, which seems a bit morbid.

Hall of Seeing

We decided to check the hall of seeing, and found the keylight room quickly. There were four mirrors all facing each other in the middle of the room. Bart goes in the middle, and says he seems himself in the mirror, and that the key light is behind him. I tried turning a mirror upside down and mirror Bart falls around. We played with mirror Bart some more, and eventually Bart steps backwards and the light appears in front of him. Immediately we are each able to question an ArchDuke devil. I couldn’t think fast enough to ask him anything though.

Hall of enchantment

Mavash refused to come with us because he didn’t like what he expected to be in the room. We eventually found a hall that Bart sensed had a magical trap in the room. Briven and Rocky went in and the key light kept avoiding them. I tried to go in after them, and then things get a bit fuzzy. I kind of remember running and punching, but eventually I remember rushing out of the room to find a badly beaten Bart and Laike. Apparently, while affected by the room I nearly killed Laike and Bart. We need a new way to handle entering dangerous areas. Maybe a specific order, with code words to see if we’re alright. Anyways, Brivyn was able to get the light and we left.

Hall of Wards

We split the key lights up (I took the Hall of Lies light, and head to the Hall of Wards. He held up his key light, and the doors opened. We saw a churning, rolling blackness. We decided that we had to go in even though it looked bad so he went in. Then the doors shut. Brivyn went in next, then the rest of us all went in. (We tried tying someone up, but we couldn’t pull them back like in the story books.

We are all in a room. There’s small table, and some crystal vials with faded label. Bart and Mavash discuss and decide that we’re in a "demiplane modeled after hell. Brivyn is a dragon. They sense a strong Evil and Lawful aura in the room, and can tell that time is going slower for us here than in the real world. We’re all feeling some bad affects of the plane, but Mavash tells us that spells won’t work well unless they’re evil.

Hopefully there’s a bathroom in hell, but I doubt it.

Anyways, write you again soon journal. Bye bye

Adventure 7: Prologue
The Academy's Honored Guests

As soon as the girl is handed off to the authorities and the money received and divvied up, Arlo packs his things to leave. “That half breed dragon was fascinating. I can’t pass up an opportunity to study its corpse and question his followers some more. It shouldn’t take long, I’ll return when I can.” And he leaves.

The Storm Brotherhood returns to their Tranyx tavern, The Monsoon. When they do, they see a small Muse child run away. They’re too tired from their travels to follow, or really care about it for that matter. They settle in, clean their gear, and do their usual post-adventure rituals for the next few days. Brivyn takes long walks on the surface of the city with Orsen and debates how far the wind carries smells with Orsen. Laike becomes great friends with a scraggly blond woman and is about to invite her to join them adventuring when he realizes she’s just an upside down broom and perhaps he should get glasses. Mavash seeks therapy for his trying ordeals related to Dagon, but settles for talking to Ubro: The Blind Hospitaler. Bart closes his eyes and focuses, attempting to count the number of hairs on the big toe of a gnome living in Riverdale. Chiex goes around to local taverns playing his carapace-drums, but none like it as much as the goblins.

A couple of days after their return, a courier knocks on their door. She is an immaculately dressed Muse wearing the uniform that Bart and Mavash recognize as being from the Luca Academy. She hands the group a letter and orders the nicest wine on the menu while they read it.

To the Illustrious Storm Brotherhood,

You are cordially invited to attend and compete in the annual Breaching Festival here at the Academy of Luca! This is not only an opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting and talked about yearly events in all of Khedor but I would like for you to attend as this year’s special guests of honor. The only catch is that the festival itself is scheduled to begin tomorrow. I apologize for the late notice, but you have apparently been away from your main residence for sometime. My courier, Althel, has a Scroll of Greater Teleportation that can bring you here immediately if you so choose. Please come meet with me tonight. I promise that even if you don’t participate in the Breaching Festival that you will be paid well for your time.

I do look forward to meeting you.
Toff Korva”



Adventure 6: Epilogue

With the death of Neffron the dragon the Storm Brotherhood, with their new servants and train of wagons. Along the way the noble daughter Nollal bonds with the child-like Laike. She tells her story of the horrors she went through as her parents tried to find out the secret to her creation. Shortly into the return journey Brivyn returns, having saved the gnomes village from the invading army using his druid magic.

Outside the city of Tranyx, where the Valdi family is staying, the caravan is stopped by a elven man in armor. He shows his credentials as a investigator working for the Elfish elders. He states he has been working on a case against the Valdi family and the girl could be the key witness he needs. He is offering 50,000 gold to turn her over to him so he can prosecute the Valdi family. He promises she will be placed in a more caring home. Bart, who is sensing the motive of the officer the whole time, believes he is telling the truth.

The group can give the girl to the officer or the family but either way they have returned to the city victorious. A week later Mavash returns, stating that Dagon is sealed away for now. He also picked up a few spirits while he was away.

Loot Gained:

-50,000 if given to the officer or 100,000 if returned to the family for the return of Nollal, the daughter.

-40,000 Gold from the Dragon’s horde

- A Faulty Hat of Greater Disguise (Regardless of the form the user takes the hat always looks like a top-hat sized for a medium creature)

- Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

- A caravan of wagons along with 4 ghoran servants

Adventure 6: Session 2
Get up and Ghoran!

Dear Journal,

Alright, we’re finally at a point where I can write this up calmly.

We jumped up into a tunnel, to wait and see who came looking for us . A Ghoran comes into the tunnel and sees Bart and tells him that Lord Neffron wanted to speak to us.

Arlo, Dwayne and me stayed back and let Laike and Bart go in to talk to the Dragon. Arlo transforms into some kind of small cave monster and we start burrowing through the walls. We thought that we could sneak up and surprise the dragon if a fight broke out.

We were digging and trying to talk to Laike. We got the following.

“Mr. Friendly Dragon is a mean slave man.

“I don’t know why I’m glowing”

“He says the princess likes it here.”

“I don’t think we’re doing so well any more.”

“Quick Help!”

So we told Dwayne to lead us to Laike, and we pop out the side of an open cavern. Bart was running to grab a hat. The dragon was very frightening looking.

I ran up and flipped a table, and the Dragon bit Bart. I ran up and got a really good punch on the dragon, but the dragon fought back and nearly killed me and Bart.

Laike made a big crystal monster that started clawing at the dragon, while Arlo flies up and breathes fire on the dragon I ran away because I was almost dead.

The dragon looked badly hurt and he jumped into the river at the back of the cave. Arlo followed him.

I didn’t know how long the Dragon would be busy with Arlo, so I grabbed a Ghoran and asked where the girl was. They said she was in another room down the hall, so I ran down there. I found some prison cells. One had the girl and the others had an elf/rat person, an obitu, and a tiefling/aasimir person. I asked them where the keys were and they told me in a desk. I got the keys, unlocked the girl’s cage and threw the keys to another cell, but they stopped short because of magic I think.

The girl didn’t want to come with me so I grabbed her and brought her along anyways. She had emerald eyes, and kind of glowing/flowing red hair. While I was doing all of this, Bart and Laike showed up and told me that Arlo had killed the dragon, so we could take more time.

We learned that the rat/elf is from some people that have just been living underground away from people and cataloging history. We also got a very long story from the tiefling/aasimir about his parents’ love and relationship.

The Obitu was named Samson and was initially afraid to leave the cave, but when we told him there was a whole colony of Obitu, he was less scared. Arlo gave him some gold to help him on his journey.

We went back to the main room and the Ghoran were very happy we freed them. Four in particular said they wanted to come with us and work with us. Farbreeze, SummerCrest, Ravenhair, and Swiftstride all seem nice, but I like Farbreeze the best.

We checked the other big room and found a big ol’ pile of gold. Laike and Bart head back to Olseff and buy a few wagons so that we can haul all of this gold. As we loaded it we counted it up to be about 30 thousand gold.

On the road back to Tranyx, the girl tells us that she has a wish embedded in her, but the wish will kill her if used. Her family is trying to work out how to use the wish, but they aren’t having much luck. The girl says that they do lots of tests and that she doesn’t like them.

That’s all for now journal. I punched a dragon :)


Adventure 6: Session 1
We meet the beast

Dear Journal,

Bart was able to get us a meeting with the royal family. We were hoping to get something that we could use to help locate the girl.

An elf arrives in a Trox pulled wagon. We left all of our animals at home because it’s probably not good to bring them to a business meeting.

The Trox sized cave was inhabited by the family, and are taken to meet the head of the family. We weren’t in there long. I remember Bart drinking some potions and then we were escorted out

We traveled to Olseff making camp outside the town and we saw several other adventuring parties.

We went and saw the town, but no one would talk to us and a section of the town was really badly burned and destroyed.

We decided to try to lure the dragon with a wagon load of goods. Bart, Brivyn, Arlo, and orsen were all in the wagon, while Laike and I were in the woods. The dragon shows up and lobs acid at us. The horses just dissolve into horse puddles, and the dragon circles back and hits Laike and me really hard with acid. That dragon was huge, like garagantuan even.

Laike attempts to locate the dragon with his sleeping power. He sees him in a cave, so we start hiking to where he saw him.

On the way we easily notice some owlbears that wanted to ambush us, and quickly put them to rest, and then notice that another adventuring party is following us. We quickly terrify the daylights out of them, especially with Arlo going into dragon form. They dropped a ruby and some gold for our troubles, poor guys.

Marching onwards we found a pit of sorts with some ghoran in it. We tried to talk to them and they run off down a tunnel, collapsing it behind them. It’s a small tunnel, but I’m able to bore through the debris.

I crawl through the tunnel for about 30 minutes and come to an opening. There are 4 Ghoran there and they’re threatening me. I grab one of them, and the others keep attacking. I knocked out three of them and keep 1 awake. The other guys finally caught up, and the ghoran tells us that the dragon has there seeds and that he’ll crush them if they don’t do his bidding. He demands that we kill him or the dragon will kill him forever for being weak or giving out information. When we refuse to kill him, he starts screaming that there are intruders and we start hearing a noise coming from another area.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to take this dragon on.

Glad I had time to write all this out before running or fighting the dragon.

Bye Bye Journal

Adventure 6 - Prologue Part 2

The group decides to go after the ferocious green dragon that has been dwelling in Southern Brocass. There isn’t a real contact for the group to visit or discuss with. The elven nobles that put up the reward, the Valdi family, did so publicly through wanted posters. They have procured a rather large cave house in Tranyx with several guards posted at all times at the entrances. Although the group could probably fight their way in, it would be considered unwise and would require a session.

That doesn’t mean the group is sitting on their heels. Arlo and Bartholomew, with their vast knowledges about dragons go in search for info regarding green dragons specifically. The rest of the crew track down anyone who may have encountered the beast themselves and nail down some of the rumors surrounding the mission.

  • The group learns the following about green dragons:
  • They breathe acid
  • Are immune to acid, paralysis, and sleep
  • Have spell resistance
  • Can cast magic
  • Can choose not to leave a trail while in natural surroundings

The groups sleuthing also reveals some info along with bringing more questions

The dragon was discovered when it started abducting entire wagons full of cargo. Most of this is food, although some furniture and other random wagons were taken. This was about two months ago.

The Valdi’s placed the quest roughly a month ago. They offered 100,000 for the safe return of their daughter. As far as you know no one has interviewed them although you have confirmed they are real. They’ve occasionally been spotted in the city under guard.

The most confusing piece of info is regarding the “wish” rumor. Some have said that the Valdi’s will grant it, some say the dragon, some say the daughter. Some claim it’s the magical spell, others claim it’s anything that the person desires, yet some just say it just means a powerful favor. You DO learn that the rumor originated from someone overhearing a elven servant for the Valid family. Your attempts to track down this servant lead you to discover he hasn’t been seen in the city since the slip.

Once the group has learned all they wish to know they head out towards the Brocass forest. Their research shows that the closest town to the area the dragon originates from is a ghoran town Oleseff. The travel there takes a few days and is rather uneventful. Oleseff is a rather typical ghoran town. You notice that the buildings are all tall and have plenty of balconies to allow ghorans to get plenty of sunlight. The most noticeable thing is a giant patch of dead trees, stone, and shrubbery. It seems like it was all melted away. No one seems to be walking in the streets when the group arrives and any attempt at conversations has the ghoran avoiding or ignoring the adventurers with fear in their eyes.

Instead the group finds that a large campsite has sprouted up next to the city composed of various adventurers going into the woods to hunt. It is there that the Storm Brotherhood can make camp and prepare for the battle.

Adventure 6 - Prologue Part 1

After the various quests in the city of Mernoldur the Storm Brotherhood decided to leave Tol Torrum for good and go back to the city of Tranyx. There they have a few weeks of downtime as they recover from their travels. During that time however the nightmares that have been plaguing Mavash seemed to be getting worse until finally the Muse leaves the party with hardly a goodbye. Also Laike showed up one day like nothing had happened. At some point one of the others asked how he found them when they went to a different city but his rambling answer was so long that most people just ignored it.

A month passes and it seems Mavash might not return when news quickly spreads across the city. The Ocean for Peace group have officially declared war against the Aquazi forces. At the same time Muse, Briarborn, and other races have pledged to aid Ocean for Peace in securing peace in the oceans. Soon the call for enlistment begins and reaches even the city of Tranyx. With many adventurers hoping to find fame in the war the Storm Brotherhood have surprisingly little competition for their “questing”. They now have options but they must still choose what to do:

  • Lost Colony of Leffon – The muse and gorz historians, Meriwether and William respectively, have claimed to find the lost colony of Leffon. The colony was one of the earliest attempts at expanding. A ship from the colony returned saying they had found an island to settle but no one has been able to find the colony since. At least until now. The duo are seeking adventurers to guard them as they chart a course to the supposed island.
  • Conspiracy in Rosegarde – It has been a long time since anyone has seen or heard from the group’s Kval friend Rarg but one day the group runs into him as a caravan of the outsiders go through the city. After exchanging pleasantries and catching up he asks his old friends to help him. A fellow kval sent him a letter requesting immediate aid in the muse capital of Rosegarde, saying it was a matter of life or death. Rarg would go himself but he’s busy with other things and can’t go. He would like the group to go on his behalf and save his friend.
  • The Dragon and the Princess- It has recently been discovered that a green dragon has been living in the southern end of the Brocass Forest. A lot of rumors have been flying around about the dragon since it’s location was revealed, the most interesting of which is a rumor that the slayer will get one wish. Whether these rumors are true or not, an elven noble family have come from Rivendale and claim that the dragon has stolen their daughter. They are offering a sizable bounty for her safe return.
  • Village of Oakpule – Among the taverns that adventurers commonly frequent there is an odd rumor going around. A briarborn has been asking for people to go save the village of gnomes from demons in the giant forest above whisdon. There are several odds things about that, such as why look for help in tranyx, why are there gnomes that far west, and why would demons care about the small town? None of these have answers but the money does seem to be good if someone is willing to do the task.
  • Retake Fort Throm – Near the edge of the Mernoldur territory is a fort that the dwarves built in order to defend the surrounding area from the goblins and orcs. Several weeks ago by unknown means a raid was able to sneak into the fort. The soldiers fought against the surprise as well as they could but those who didn’t fall were forced to flee. With the city thin on forces because of the war, they have resorted to creating an adventurer milita to help the soldiers retake the fort.
  • The World War – It has been over a month since Mavash left and in that time you’ve had no communication. One day the group all received a telepathic communication from him. He said that he had figured out a way to seal dagon away. They can probably seal him but it never hurts to have extra help. If they want to help then they should go to an address in Rosegarde and tell them Mavash sent you.
  • To Kill a Obitu – At Chiex’s residence he receives a letter in the mail from a person named Taric. It takes the Trox a second to remember it’s the large Obitu he effectionally called “Tic tac”. The letter states that he was in Holidax on business when he was framed for murder. Obitu diplomats are trying to get him out but the letter implies that Chiex might be his only hope.

OOC: You guys have a week to decide what to do. Every person gets one vote which can be either messaged to me privately or posted as a comment. After that I’ll write up the prologue for that specific mission.

Adventure 5 - Epilogue
I Tol you so.

Having completed their assigned mission, and then some, the Storm Brotherhood returned to the city guard to report their findings and collect their various rewards. They decided that with the potential involvement of their main contact in the guard, willing or otherwise, that it would be prudent to speak directly to captain Siburn. In the end, Tol Torum was returned to guard custody; the missing dwarves recovered by Arlo were put into quarantine; and reconstruction of the damaged city began in earnest.

Accused of conspiracy to commit treason among other crimes, Lt. Nellis Hardin was stripped of his rank and placed into secured quarantine. He would later be found to have been under the influence of magic and sentenced to a 500 hours of community service. After completing his sentence, Hardin returned to the city guard as a common patrolman, but the stigma from his actions made it difficult for him to resume his duties and after a year back on the force he abruptly left for parts unknown. He was never seen again.

The bank manager, having confessed to his involvement in both the bombings and the heist, was arrested and sentenced to 2 years of hard labor. The city seized the stolen money as evidence and would later utilize the funds in the reconstruction of the city. The bank, being insured, was covered for the loss and was able to continue business with little trouble.

The foundry owner returned to his shop and with a substantial sum from the city was able to rebuild his workshop bigger and better than ever. Thanks to advances gleaned from Tol Torum’s Masterpiece, it is now the foremost manufacturer of high quality magical prosthesis in the region. In thanks to the brave group of adventurers who made his success possible, the foundry owner renamed his workshop The Storm’s Anvil.

The dozen or so victims rescued from the dungeon beyond spaces were placed into quarantine while the city awaited experts on enchantment to clear them of their magical compulsions. They all recovered and returned to their lives.

Old Lady Hardin was placed into quarantine along with all the other people suspected of falling victim to mind control magic. Her case was particularly virulent and she was sent to a home for the magically insane. She never recovered.

Tol Torum, confused and shaken by his ordeal, willingly returned to custody to await his trial. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison to be served in a high security asylum only to be released at the completion of his term and at the discretion of asylum staff. Tol would be a model patient, submitting quietly to treatment and earning himself some privileges. The designs he made during his stay at the asylum would be hailed as his greatest works and usher in a golden age of artifice.

Calli of clan Mare, having successfully recovered her people’s sacred relic returned home with the rest of her team. Rhe’dd, the youngest member of the expedition, was mourned as a great hero to her people and her shard was added to the relic to be remember for all time. After their disastrous encounter with the surface, Clan Mare receded further from history’s eye. They did not heed the call to arms when the coming Aquazi-Muse-Ocean war began in full force.

Thanks to their exceptional work and fantastic success, the Storm Brotherhood earned a reputation with Mernoldur as a group who could get things done. They received not only the bounty for capturing Tol Torum, but also the executioner’s fee for killing Jorgen and a finders fee for recovering the stolen money from the bank. Although they were able to round up most of the people involved, some mysteries remain and every answer led only to more questions. Who was this muse that lead the charge? was he really the one at the top? just who created the dungeon beyond spaces? and what was anyone even trying to accomplish with any of this?! The world may never know. But tonight, the city can sleep peacefully knowing that the Storm Brotherhood is on the case.

Adventure 5: Session 2

Dear Journal,

After I climbed up from the water, Mavash sent a wicked dolphin into the water to check the depth. We got down into pit. I found a dagger in a sheath. Then my brain got kind of fuzzy, and I took the dagger out. Then I kind of left my body and started stabbing at Arlo. So that was weird.

We don’t find anything of interest otherwise down there, so we back track through the sewer, and keep following the tracks past the square.

We found a bigger dry room with some bedrolls and an old fire. We looked through the belongings and I tell the others that they’re from the clan “Moray”. Then the red eyed monster attacked us, and it growled

“Tell your master I’m coming for him and taking back what he stole.”

I get a good bite, and then the shark monster runs off. We chase after it, but I followed the wrong trail, and then had to carry Mavash because he’s a bit slow.

We chase it back to the cistern, and Arlo, Brivyn, and Mavash all jump in to fight it. Arlo shifts into a dragon, which I’ve never seen him do. It took a moment to register that it was new because I’ve grown so used to Mavash and Brivyn changing form. Brivyn shifted into a bunyip, and Mavash just said, “I don’t need to breathe”.

I stayed with Bart and all of the animals in the sewer tunnel. We could see Mavash’s light in the water darting all around, so it was surely a magnificent battle. They beat the red woman. She had a small water vessel like Laike’s flowing through her gills, and a crystal red sword that glowed like Dwayne, but it dimmed out quickly.

We took her back to the campsite, to wait to ambush the others. Brivyn wanted to study the bomb material, so just me and Arlo waited for the ambush. We waited for quite a while, and then a giant fireball erupted in the middle of us. Arlo shook it off, but it nearly killed me. We chase down the sewer, but find nothing, and when we come back the body is gone, and there’s an aquan message on the wall,

“You’ll pay for this”

So we made some enemies.

As we leave that place, we hear in our heads, “They won’t stop until their relic back”, but we don’t know what that means. Who’s our master? what relic? Who are these people? I don’t ask because i assume everyone else knows and is keeping track of all of it.

We meet up with the rest of the group, and they say we have to go back to the square, that’s where the bombs were shipped.
We talk to the old woman again, and eventually get that her nephew is Nellis Harden, one of the guards. We also find a trap door to a basement.

Down in the basement we find a very confusing arrangement of doors. I just go to the kitchen because I’m kind of over dying at this point. Bart and Mavash go into the dining room, and then I hear some loud yelling. I run in there, and Jorgen the legged-murderer is in there. He uses the old and graceful back-spin-leg-slice maneuvers to nearly kill me. Brivyn eventually comes in and saves me, and Jorgen lays dead on the floor.

I follow Arlo and Brivyn to a hall way with some very tricky doors. We figured out that each room was hiding a piece of another door. We kind of split the challenges up, and I went to the kitchen. We had to fight the silverware, but while we were searching a bunch Mavash brought some dwarves in to help us search. When the silverware came alive, Arlo asked us to leave, and we came back in to everything singed on the ground.

We assembled the door, and walked in while Arlo saw to the dwarves.

We found Tol Torrum working on some smaller armor, but he was rambling on about completing his metal man. It’s a giant construct with a large glass window and a big red glowing crystal behind the glass. I went into full attack mode and decimated the glass and the others helped a bit too. Mavash charmed Tol, and broke him out of some kind of stupor, and I pulled the red crystal out of the machine man.

Then a group of tall red gillmen women came in a demanded the crystal. We had a confusing back and forth where I was translating for both parties. They told us that they killed out master who was a muse. We told them we don’t know who that person was. They said that we stole their crystal, and we said that we didn’t. They wanted it back, and eventually we gave it back. They said it contained all of the memories from their ancestors, and Mavash told me later he might have taken just a few memories.

We’ve found Tol, and the bank treasure, and some magic armor. We’ve got quite a mess to clean up.

Bye Bye Journal


Mentionable quotes:

Infernal is dolphin speak. – Mavash

I turn into a deep merfolk, wait is it too late to turn into a dragon. I turn into a dragon. – Arlo


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