Adventure 6: Epilogue

With the death of Neffron the dragon the Storm Brotherhood, with their new servants and train of wagons. Along the way the noble daughter Nollal bonds with the child-like Laike. She tells her story of the horrors she went through as her parents tried to find out the secret to her creation. Shortly into the return journey Brivyn returns, having saved the gnomes village from the invading army using his druid magic.

Outside the city of Tranyx, where the Valdi family is staying, the caravan is stopped by a elven man in armor. He shows his credentials as a investigator working for the Elfish elders. He states he has been working on a case against the Valdi family and the girl could be the key witness he needs. He is offering 50,000 gold to turn her over to him so he can prosecute the Valdi family. He promises she will be placed in a more caring home. Bart, who is sensing the motive of the officer the whole time, believes he is telling the truth.

The group can give the girl to the officer or the family but either way they have returned to the city victorious. A week later Mavash returns, stating that Dagon is sealed away for now. He also picked up a few spirits while he was away.

Loot Gained:

-50,000 if given to the officer or 100,000 if returned to the family for the return of Nollal, the daughter.

-40,000 Gold from the Dragon’s horde

- A Faulty Hat of Greater Disguise (Regardless of the form the user takes the hat always looks like a top-hat sized for a medium creature)

- Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

- A caravan of wagons along with 4 ghoran servants



50,000 from Elf CPS
40,000 From Hourde
17,500 from selling Amulet

Split 5 ways
21,500 gold each

Adventure 6: Epilogue
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