Adventure 6: Session 1

We meet the beast

Dear Journal,

Bart was able to get us a meeting with the royal family. We were hoping to get something that we could use to help locate the girl.

An elf arrives in a Trox pulled wagon. We left all of our animals at home because it’s probably not good to bring them to a business meeting.

The Trox sized cave was inhabited by the family, and are taken to meet the head of the family. We weren’t in there long. I remember Bart drinking some potions and then we were escorted out

We traveled to Olseff making camp outside the town and we saw several other adventuring parties.

We went and saw the town, but no one would talk to us and a section of the town was really badly burned and destroyed.

We decided to try to lure the dragon with a wagon load of goods. Bart, Brivyn, Arlo, and orsen were all in the wagon, while Laike and I were in the woods. The dragon shows up and lobs acid at us. The horses just dissolve into horse puddles, and the dragon circles back and hits Laike and me really hard with acid. That dragon was huge, like garagantuan even.

Laike attempts to locate the dragon with his sleeping power. He sees him in a cave, so we start hiking to where he saw him.

On the way we easily notice some owlbears that wanted to ambush us, and quickly put them to rest, and then notice that another adventuring party is following us. We quickly terrify the daylights out of them, especially with Arlo going into dragon form. They dropped a ruby and some gold for our troubles, poor guys.

Marching onwards we found a pit of sorts with some ghoran in it. We tried to talk to them and they run off down a tunnel, collapsing it behind them. It’s a small tunnel, but I’m able to bore through the debris.

I crawl through the tunnel for about 30 minutes and come to an opening. There are 4 Ghoran there and they’re threatening me. I grab one of them, and the others keep attacking. I knocked out three of them and keep 1 awake. The other guys finally caught up, and the ghoran tells us that the dragon has there seeds and that he’ll crush them if they don’t do his bidding. He demands that we kill him or the dragon will kill him forever for being weak or giving out information. When we refuse to kill him, he starts screaming that there are intruders and we start hearing a noise coming from another area.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to take this dragon on.

Glad I had time to write all this out before running or fighting the dragon.

Bye Bye Journal


nyw11 nyw11

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