Adventure 7 : Session 2


Dear Journal,

Mavash is dead. He was cut down by a supposed contract maker.

At the entrance to this plane, we searched through the crystal vials, each finding one with our names on it. No one else could read my name on my vial, but I could. Mavash couldn’t find his, but he searched for a long time.

Oh also, Maginrad’s mutilated corpse was in the corner of the room. We inspected him, but couldn’t figure out what had happened to him. Maginrad had a scroll of break enchantmen, and a contract. Mavash looked through it, but was only able to make out some of the words. “Naziff, eternity, blood, lucifer, willingly, contact, servant, sould, blood, soul academy, servant” and it was signed by Nagziff and Maginrad.

We were scared of the door, so Laike powered me up with a wand and I focused some ki and opened the door to no surprises. There was a hallway past this room with doors leading to: A lab, a Lecture hall, a Professor’s room, and library.

The professor’s room had papers all over, and broken furnture, and a dark liquid splattered about and in a pool on the floor. There were also various bones of animals about, which Laike eventually sorted through for his collection.

The lecture hall was wet and humid with tiered rows of desks. Illia Ean, the woman from the thieves guild was badly beaten and chained to the back wall. I tried to find out what happened to her, but all she could do was babble about “the tentacle woman”

The Library had a wizard inside searching for his spellbook, his name was Torentious. The other books in the room were gently rearranging themselves. He said he was stuck in this room until he found it. I asked him if he was sure it was in this room; he seems angry and told me to leave.

The laboratory had lots of alchemicals and lots of vials and tables. A beautiful elf-muse woman was in there talked to me. She told me her name is Markal and that she’s sort of a go-between us and the contract makers. I told her we had our vials, but that some of us hadn’t found ours. The doors had locked behind me, and when Brivyn comes in, I leave with him.

In the hallway, she appears behind me and Brivyn and says to Mavash “I understand you can’t find your vial Mavash”. So she knew quite a bit about us.

Laike unlocked Illian and while we were talking to Markal, she stabs Mavash and Laike and runs out yelling, “take them first”. Laike and Bart dash out of the hallway, just in time for Big Black Tentacles to erupt from the floor. I can navigate around them pretty easily, but they grab Brivyn and Orsen momentarily. I tried to punch Markal and missed, but I told he that I’d make a contract if she’d stop. She agreed and put away her tentacles.

We fought about who would make a contract first, and eventually Mavash decided to go first. He went into the lecture hall with Markal. and then started screaming and yelling for help. I blinked in and landed a few punches, Mavash slashed at her and then tried to back away and got viciously cut down for his troubles. If I had been faster, or if I had made my contract first I could have prevented it.

Laike also said that he fought a bone devil with Big Rocky.

We checked on Illian and Bart said that Markal appeared and grabbed her with her tentacles. I loaded Mavash’s body into his bag of holding and I’ll pay to have him brought back. He can pay me back eventually.

We headed into a larger domed room with a big mural. The mural showed a muse bowing to a fiery demon/devil thing. Bart recognized the Muse as Volsnuch Korva, the ancentor of Toff Korva who brought us to this competition. A large devil is in the room with a quill and parchment writing in mid air in front of him. His horns had dreadlocks of parchements.

We asked him his name. Lorathackt.

Then I stopped to write what had happened so far before I was killed too.

Maybe my contract can include stopping this competition for good.

Bye Bye Journal





nyw11 nyw11

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