Adventure 7 : Session 1

The Punching

Dear Journal,

I hope we can make it out of here. Mavash says that we’re locked in some kind of other hell plane. Getting here was interesting though.

We arrive in the competition area. Fatmire didn’t show up. He was too scared I guess.

Toff gave a pretty speech that really got the crowd going. He told us that the key lights are glowing balls that we will find in each hall. When he says GO we all run to Hall 4

The Hall of Summoning (Hall 4)

It takes us half an hour to find the key light. It seems to be in a normal classroom. There were 5 key lights spinning in a circle, and there were some snake monster statues nearby.

Mavash made a pit beneath a statue but nothing happened. (He was convinced it would come alive like Tol’s monsters.

Laike summoned Rocky and told him to grab a key light. When he did, the other key lights turn into thin frail black demons with whips. The demons were pretty good at tripping up Bart and Mavash. The real canon of the fight was Dwayne though, he blasted through three of them in one go. Very scary. I guess it was scary enough that Laike just ran out of the room. Mavash was able to banish one devil, and Nate was able to tear one apart. We got the light and ran out.

We decided to split up and tackle two halls.

Brivvn, Bart and me went to the Hall of Lies, while Laike and Mavash went to the Hall of Whispers.

Hall of Lies

We spent another half hour trying to find the key light in this hall. It was very twisty and turny, and some halls seemed to wrap around back to themselves and move around.

Eventually we found the keylight down a hallway. Bart went first, and got to the light fine. I tried to follow him but had difficulty. It seemed like I was moving forward, but the others said I was just standing still. Bart said that at the key light, a horrible image/illusion of Karn the Butcher appeared, but that he easily saw that it was a trap. We got the light and got out somehow.

Hall of Whispers

Mavash told me about this area. He said that they looked a while and then found another classroom. There were coffins set up and some skeletons hung up around. Laike was able to see a little purple light coming from one coffin. Then they fought about who was actually going to dig through the coffin, including Mavash trying to kick the coffin over, but eventually Laike starts digging.

Eventually he find the key light, and when he touches it, all of the water sucked out of the room and their bodies. Apparently it hurt a lot. They got the light and met back up with us.

We met up and were talking about where to go next and the Evocation school blows up. I ran over quickly hoping that I’d be able to get in before it reset, but there was a invisible force blocking me from shortcutting through the hole in the side. The crowd was excited about the explosion, which seems a bit morbid.

Hall of Seeing

We decided to check the hall of seeing, and found the keylight room quickly. There were four mirrors all facing each other in the middle of the room. Bart goes in the middle, and says he seems himself in the mirror, and that the key light is behind him. I tried turning a mirror upside down and mirror Bart falls around. We played with mirror Bart some more, and eventually Bart steps backwards and the light appears in front of him. Immediately we are each able to question an ArchDuke devil. I couldn’t think fast enough to ask him anything though.

Hall of enchantment

Mavash refused to come with us because he didn’t like what he expected to be in the room. We eventually found a hall that Bart sensed had a magical trap in the room. Briven and Rocky went in and the key light kept avoiding them. I tried to go in after them, and then things get a bit fuzzy. I kind of remember running and punching, but eventually I remember rushing out of the room to find a badly beaten Bart and Laike. Apparently, while affected by the room I nearly killed Laike and Bart. We need a new way to handle entering dangerous areas. Maybe a specific order, with code words to see if we’re alright. Anyways, Brivyn was able to get the light and we left.

Hall of Wards

We split the key lights up (I took the Hall of Lies light, and head to the Hall of Wards. He held up his key light, and the doors opened. We saw a churning, rolling blackness. We decided that we had to go in even though it looked bad so he went in. Then the doors shut. Brivyn went in next, then the rest of us all went in. (We tried tying someone up, but we couldn’t pull them back like in the story books.

We are all in a room. There’s small table, and some crystal vials with faded label. Bart and Mavash discuss and decide that we’re in a "demiplane modeled after hell. Brivyn is a dragon. They sense a strong Evil and Lawful aura in the room, and can tell that time is going slower for us here than in the real world. We’re all feeling some bad affects of the plane, but Mavash tells us that spells won’t work well unless they’re evil.

Hopefully there’s a bathroom in hell, but I doubt it.

Anyways, write you again soon journal. Bye bye


nyw11 nyw11

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