Founded By: Zito
Founding Date: 1E1200
Common Races: Demons, Daemons, Devils
Location: Southern edge of Pit Lake
Known For: Chaos, violence


The capital city of the evil Zito, more colloquially known as Demons. Vanar is mostly filled with true Demons, still having its roots in the Order of Chaos. Despite being mostly populated by True Demons, Vanar is ruled by the Arch Devil Asmodeus, most powerful of all living Zito.


Vanar has the distinction of being the oldest city in the world, being the original city of the Zito. It was a simple and peaceful place, hidden from the geographical upheaval going on around the world for just a few hundred years. Then the Order of Chaos began and the destiny of Vanar, as well as the entire civilized world, was altered.



Ghoran Assemblage

The Briarborn avatar Pine Brother, realizing that the Briarborn while powerful protector’s of Nature, were limited in their ability to spread, sought to create a race better able to spread out and advocate for nature. Thus the Ghoran were brought out from the Garden of Anbrew. They were assembled in the city of Aldonton, because as a city of good people, Pine Brother thought it would be the best place to begin a movement of nature righteousness.


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