God: Baxlebub
Alignment: Good
Capitol City: Harmony
Additional Cities: Manvar
Avatar: Zivven


Though Angels are technically a subrace of the Zito, they couldn’t be more different. They even try their best to not think about their historical relationship with the demons, devils, and daemons. The paragons of good, Angels seek to guide Gorpandia to a state of peace. This is a goal that they believe is impossible, but that doesn’t stop them from working towards it.


Created when the world was still young by Baxlebub in the city of Vanar, the Zito were originally a peaceful and loving race, enjoying their simple life and the world around them. A very short time later, however, the Order of Chaos rose within their city and their race began to fracture. Chaos was followed by a pervasive evil throughout the race. A minority of Zito rebelled against this trend, and left to form their own society, becoming the Angels.

The angels spread to the Pillars of the Sky and created their home city of Harmony in 1E620. Shortly thereafter, they spread to Zolen in the Shaken Realms, intent on taking on the Zito head on. The resulting Great Zito War was so intense, that it gave name to the Shaken Realms. But when the Pit overflowed, that gave the Zito the advantage needed to drive the Angels out of Zolen.

The Angels no longer seek to eliminate the Zito directly, and instead have become slightly more recluse.

Physical Description

All angels are blessed with extraordinary beauty, though their actual appearances vary widely. Their natural shapechanging ability means they may appear to mortals as male or female, depending on their personal preference or the will of their deity. As they are spiritual creatures given a physical form rather than creatures of flesh born of other creatures, their gender is mutable; some angels always use a male form, some strictly a female one, and others use either or both, or prefer an androgynous or sexless shape.


It is rare to see an Angel outside of one of their cities, as they have become very reclusive since the end of the Great Zito War. They find their homes beautiful, and take many hours in quiet contemplation of their surroundings. They have a designated ambassador to each good or neutral race to help diplomacy and planning between the races. They even have an ambassador for the Tieflings, though his job isn’t an enviable one.

Something that the Angels don’t advertise, and is known by very few people, is that their race is going through some sort of inexplicable curse regarding child-bearing. In the past age, they realized that their women were unable to have children. This has lead them to become even more isolationist as they try to protect their dwindling numbers. Angels can’t die of old age, but they can die in battle. A large effort is being put into discovering the cause of this problem.

Relations With Other Races


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