God: Anbrew
Alignment: Lawful Good
Capitol City: Riverdale
Additional Cities: Portdale


Mechanically, the Elfish are Half-elves, but seeing as there are no humans or elves in the world, they are essentially the humans of Gorpandia.


The Elfish settled on fertile land next to a great lake. The settlement became Riverdale and has been expanding ever sense. When the Elfish became aware of other races in the world, they reached out to them to establish trade routes. Portdale was established for seafaring trade routes. Soon, Portdale became a massive market district. News of attacks on other races came through the ports just as often as good from those races, so a great wall was built around the Elfish world. A small number of massive gates allow passage through the wall, guarded by the Elfish military.

Physical Description

The Elfish are medium sized creatures who are as diverse as any other race in Gorpandia, possible the most diverse. They have pale skin that grows darker in the sun, many colors of hair, and come in many different sizes. They look like humans with the exception of having pointed ears.


The Elfish are a hard working race. Each job in the community is respected as equally as every other job. Children go to school at a young age and split into 3 groups (Governmental, Artisan, and Agricultural) based on skills and learning development. As the children grow up, each group continues to have general classes with the other group to encourage a sense of community, but more time is spent focusing on the individual group as they near maturity.

Governmental Consists of military (purely for protection of the realm) and teachers. Works mostly in RIverdale.
Artisan Consists of carpenters, masons, smiths, and any of the fine arts. Works mostly in Portdale.
Agricultural Consists of farmers of the land and animals. Works in the open land between Riverdale and Portdale.

A committee of 3 elders from each group commune weekly to address any issues and make sure the Elfish world is running smoothly.

The Elfish are also a peaceful race. Crime was unheard of until the trade routes were opened. The military presence in Portdale has steadily grown as the years go by. They are tasked with making sure all parties are satisfied in the case of a dispute. Should violence erupt, the military is trained to minimize casualties (Elfish in particular) and extinguish the situation as soon as possible.

House Styling

The Elfish live in houses constructed of wood, brick, stone, or any other sturdy material suitable for building. They sleep in beds and sit in chairs around tables for activities such as eating. Houses are divided into rooms, typically for sleep, eating, or lounging.



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