Founded By: Tieflings
Founding Date: 2E210
Common Races: Tieflings Orcs Elfish Dwarves
Location: Northern side of Barlow Mountains
Known For: Order, corruption, blood sport


The primary city of Tieflings.


As the race of Tieflings began to proliferate during the early part of the second age, they found themselves more and more ostracized from the Zito. Eventually, enough of them banded together and struck out on their own, crossing the Barlow mountains and founding Felltown. They actually didn’t militarize until the middle of the third age as wars and armies swirled around Gorpandia.


Tieflings view themselves as the law north of the mountains, regardless of whether that’s accurate. But they succeed in backing that up in Felltown. Despite being surrounded by orc and goblin settlements, they manage to maintain a very livable city by adhering to strict rules. They even manage to get orc citizens to follow these laws by hosting monthly gladiator-style events. This manages to sate the bloodlust of the more violent residents.

Felltown is a very political city, with an active senate ruling. Very few members aren’t corrupt, however, with behind the scenes deals happening daily.


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