God: Anbrew
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Capitol City: The Hole
Additional Cities: Kutch, The Slop
Avatar: Karn the Butcher


The goblins are a race of troublemakers who live off of anything they can get their hands on.


Originally created in the city of Kutch, the goblin population grew too large for the deadlands to support. A powerful goblin soon rose to power by executing any who stood in his way. Thanks to his strength and wisdom, Karn the Butcher was gifted the powers of an Avatar by Anbrew. He soon led a large group of goblins to the North, founding The Hole. At a later point, Karn saw the need to expand further and moved east, careful to avoid the great war of angels and demons. Coming upon a swamp, Karn established a colony, naming it The Slop. After raising armies in all the colonies, the Goblins are thirsty for blood.

Physical Description

Goblins are small, pale green humanoids, with a few exceptions. Typically unpleasant to look at, goblins have black eyes, sharp teeth, thin lips, long noses, and pointy ears. While most goblins shave their heads, some have thin black tufts of hair growing sparsely on their heads. Usually very thin, occasionally a larger goblin is born. These goblins have been known to grow to the size of most medium sized creatures.


Goblins usually wander the wastes around the shaken realm, ambushing any travelers and taking what they want. The Hole is a hub for the goblins and their allies, the orcs. This is where Karn spends most of his time. Larger raiding parties are sent out from the main goblin colonies to ransack and pillage any nearby settlements. Most raiding parties are lead by goblin generals, who are larger and stronger than the typical goblin. Karn himself occasionally leads raids when his urge for fun arises. Goblins are usually not sociable with other races, with orcs being the exception. However, rumor has it that goblins have been seen making contact with Zito in recent times.

House Styling

Goblins like to live in caves or holes in the ground. Furniture is not typical in a goblin living area. They move rocks around to sit on and sleep on nests made of bones. Karn the Butcher sits on a throne made from the bones of his enemies.



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