God: Patroneus
Alignment: Good
Capitol City: Rosegarde, formerly Luca
Additional Cities: Espica, New Luca
Avatar: Venser
Favorite Foods:

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Muses, undeniably, are beautiful creatures. They are tall, ranging in height from 6 to 7 feet. Their pale white skin is silky and opalescent. A muse’s neck and limbs are preternaturally long and thin. While their bodies are also very slender, they have round and cheerful faces with pleasant little noses, wide smiles, small pointed ears, and large bright eyes. It is their eyes, in fact, that most mark them as a creature not of this world, as they are black orbs filled with swirling stars. Muses are hairless, though they do have a small, antenna-like point at the top of their head. From their backs, iridescent fins sprout forth, resembling vestigial faerie wings. These strange appendages flutter vibrantly with the muse’s mood, changing color and intensity accordingly. With these characteristics, many often mistake these creatures for having fey blood, though few true fey-blooded individuals would make the same mistake.



House Styling


What follows is an account of the major historical events of the Muse people

  • 2E1. Muse race is founded and forms the city of Luca. Muses advance in magic.
  • 2E2. Muse Venser is raised to avatar status. Creates the city of Rosegarde.
  • 2E3. Raises an army at Luca and marches on Tranyx to root out demonic cults.
  • 2E4. Luca is destroyed and taken over by demons.
  • 2E6. Demons are chased out of Luca and the city is rebuilt as New Luca. Faction leave Khedor and form their own country of Drelya.
  • 3E1. Muse increase their influence in Tranyx and make it part of the Country of Khedor.
  • 3E2. Khedor opens world’s greatest university for magical arts. Drelya falls to demonic corruption.
  • 3E4. Khedor is attacked by Goblins at Tranyx but repelled. Both Khedor and Drelya are attacked by Gillmen. Khedor repels the armies but Drelya falls. Khedor raises armies and begins to attack Gillmen.
  • 3E5. Advance Muses in warfare. Raise more armies and finally drive Gillmen out of Khedor. Found city of Espica.


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