God: Patroneus
Alignment: Neutral
Capitol City: Parand
Additional Cities: Vierfort, Zurout
Avatar: Sorin
Favorite Foods:

As most Obitu lack a fully functional mouth most lack a proper sense of taste. They find everything they eat much milder than other species and thus have grown fond of extremely spicy food. With their lighter body mass they are also fond of liquor and can become intoxicated with just a small amount.

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At first and even second glance, an obitu appears to be the undead or animated skeleton of a deceased humanoid. Closer inspection reveals a few differences. Most observers first notice their eyes; vibrant pools of green luminescence. Obitu bones are warm to the touch; smooth, pulsing, and devoid of the dryness and wear that is common to undead skeletons. The bone color is almost always a deep beige. However, the most effective way to tell an obitu from an undead is by wounding one; if bright red living blood issues forth, it is likely an obitu. Some less noticeable differences include a thin membrane under the jawbone, pinkish tendons slightly visible at the joints, and if one listens closely, shallow respiration can be heard

Since other races have found the Obitu’s appearance disturbing they have developed a tendency to completely cover their bodies. Undeterred by heat most of their clothing would be consist with “winter clothes” although they wear them all times of the year. Another key distinction for Obitu are the masks they wear. Lacking any facial features of their own Obitu often treat their masks as precious objects that help identify them. Each one is customized for the individual Obitu and often reflects their personality or hobbies.


Near the end of the Second Age a great disaster ravaged the land for a decade, the Undead Plague. Over the course of the disaster many experiments were attempted to help stop the rise of the undead. One such attempt was to create a second plague, one that would target the undead. Before the experiment could be completed the facility was over-run and the project was forgotten. The test subjects would go on to become the Obitu.

Most of the subjects although became sentient were still feral and died soon after but several retained their memories. These gifted spent years hiding from civilization and various undead hunters as they tried to figure out who and what they were. As the traveled the world their number grew and they eventually stole a ship so that they could find their own place. They landed on a desert island of Elerith and built their own settlement.

However the country of Elerith was not formed until an Obitu by the name of Sorin found them. Under his leadership they built a civilization as their numbers rapidly swelled. Despite the reluctance of most species to interact with the Obitu they persevered and are now becoming more and more tolerated if not accepted.



Obitu do not reproduce naturally like most species. Instead they produce by infecting undead and converting them into Obitu. This process, while necessary, is often considered barbaric by most Obitu and regulated for citizens of Elerith. Newly converted Obitu take years before they develop consciousness and are corralled to Obitu cities so that they can be protected in large warehouse-like buildings. Once an obitu shows signs of intelligence they are taken and raised in barrack type structures for a decade before they are considered ready. Most at this point are given an assignment by the government and do that job for the rest of their life.

House Styling


What follows is an account of the major historitcal events of the Obitu people.

  • 2E5. Obitu are created and form the city of Parand
  • 2E6. Obitu Avatar Sorin created, city of Vierfort created and Obitu advanced in diplomacy.
  • 3E1. Establish trade with Elves. Raise a standing army in Vierfort
  • 3E2. Raise another army in Parand
  • 3E5. With permission from Muses form city of Zurout


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