Founded By: Kval
Founding Date: 3E13
Common Races: Kval, Elves, Dwarves
Location: Southeastern edge of Barlow Mountains
Known For: Fantastic food and accommodations


Rifton is the youngest city in all of Gorpan, only popping up on the tail end of the third age. Despite it’s relative youth, it has quickly become a huge tourist draw. This is surprising to some, given that the government of Rifton is technically a military council, but it makes sense once the history and culture of the city are studied.


For the first few years after the Rifton portal opened, the “city” was nothing more than a series of tents for newly emerged Kval to sleep in and rally behind a general before heading off to purge evil from the world. The Kval had little inclination to make anything greater out of their humble homes, but they frequently returned to the city to join new causes.

It was the Dwarves who first identified the opportunity, and a few moved in and built the first tavern in Rifton, the Sins of the Father. It has since grown to be an entire resort hotel, complete with a casino inside.

That was only the beginning, and more dwarven and elven companies have moved to setup dazzling locations, making Rifton an ideal stop for a traveling tourist. Be warned, though, you’d better have good intentions when entering a Kval city.


Very similar to Las Vegas, except evil people and actions are strictly prohibited. If a Kval detects evil, the offender will quickly be dragged to The Council of Purity (which act as a police force for the city). Much divination magic is then employed during the subsequent interrogation. If the offender is found guilty, they are executed on the spot.

This actually leads to Rifton being one of the safest cities to be in, as not only is everyone too afraid to commit a crime, but the types of people who WANT to commit a crime aren’t even present.

Popular Cuisine



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