God: Baxlebub
Alignment: Evil
Capitol City: Felltown
Additional Cities: N/A
Avatar: N/A


Tieflings are a race of half Elves and half Zito that were spawned in Riverdale. After quickly being ostracized, they moved across the mountains to Felltown.


The Open Spirit was founded in Riverdale in 2E110, and Zito began interbreeding with elves almost immediately. It took awhile, but in 2E202, a large group of these Tieflings left Riverdale and founded Felltown in the north, though a small number that could realistically pass as elves remained behind.

In 3E17, they expanded their school system to include psychology as a mandatory line of learning.

Physical Description

No two tieflings look alike; the fiendish blood running through their veins manifests inconsistently, granting them an array of fiendish traits. One tiefling might appear as an elf with small horns, a barbed tail, and oddly colored eyes, while another might manifest a mouth of fangs, tiny wings, and claws, and yet another might possess the perpetual smell of blood, foul incenses, and brimstone. Typically, these qualities hearken back in some way to the manner of fiend that spawned the tiefling’s bloodline, but even then the admixture of elf and fiendish blood is rarely ruled by sane, mortal laws, and the vast flexibility it produces in tieflings is a thing of wonder, running the gamut from oddly beautiful to utterly terrible.


Though they are definitely linked to the Zito by blood and nature, their entire society doesn’t revolve around the Zito as many believe. The psychology courses that all Tieflings are taught are definitely in place so that they can help guide people into being possessed. However, that’s not the only use they have found for it. Tieflings are a very mischievous, meddlesome race. They love to meet people, gain their trust, then use intimate knowledge of the new person/people to so discord. The Orcs are particularly susceptible to this, and many internal power struggles could be traced back to a Tiefling or two if one knew where to look.

Many Tieflings are heavily involved with The Open Spirit, often leading particular sects when possible. That being said, not all Tieflings are committed to the path of evil. Some forsake their Zito heritage and turn out neutral, or even good, often passing as hardworking, honest elves in other societies.

Relations With Other Races

Tieflings do not worship Zito as the Aasimer do Angels, but they do serve them as masters in many circumstances. They are on positive terms with orcs and goblins, though they consider them uncivilized at best. You won’t see many orcs or goblins invited to a dinner party.

Their relationships with the good races are tense, but civil since they’re not openly in conflict with any race. They find the Trox very easy to manipulate and thus boring. They are terrified of Ungaga and avoid them at all costs.

Aasimar are the Tiefling’s arch nemesis. They hate how high and mighty and the Aasimar act. Though a meeting with an Aasimar won’t automatically result in violence, it will definitely lead to petty insults.


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