Founded By: Trox
Founding Date: 2e
Common Races: Trox, Muse
Location: Crystal Mountains
Known For: Being the first Tranyx city,as well as a city of turmoil.


The founding city of Tranyx is a maze of tunnels, wide open caverns, as well as above ground outcroppings for those that can’t stomach life underground. Following a demon cult uprising, Tranyx sank into a fit of corruption. Though lasting only a short while, as Patroneus purified the city, the demonic prescence scared many Trox to the city of Holidax seeking a city like the one they once loved. Eventually a strong Muse prescense came to Tranyx, seeking to protect their city by expanding their armies. Faced with complicated politics and war with goblins, the leaders of the Trox move to Crucimyx. Tranyx, with it’s age is still a huge city where fortunes are made and lost. Twisting caverns gleaming with crystal light hold intrique and foes alike.


The most common trade for Trox in Tranyx is Crystal Ore mining. The ore lighting the mountains can be refined into small torch like orbs. Trox dig through the mountain making more living quarters, meeting halls, trading centers and other facilites. Weaker Trox often find work as guides through the city. Sometimes spending a few gold for a guide will save you many gold later on as they can take you to the dealer with the best prices. Most non-trox find themselves near the surface or above the surface, but there are those that carve out a niche for themselves far below the surface. Those people are treated with respect and are treated and protected as one of the community.


The city is a vast network of underground tunnels, primarily lit by crystal ore from the mountains themselves. New comers to the city, especialy non-trox can take months to get a grasp of the city. Those that grew up in the city can seemingly teleport through the city, knowing every back passage and quick alley. Many non-trox live in the outcroppings above the ground on the mountain proper. It if difficult to map the city as the vertical levels are inconsistent and the tunnels are too numerous to draw. Native trox also find it hard to give directions, as they travel almost intuitively through the city.

House Styling

Homes are typically large carved out dwellings that are home to many generations of a family. The older generation tells stories of their ancestors carving these homes out with their bare hands. Trox homes tend to be filled with furnishings that are made from crystal as they trust the strength of the rock, whereas non-trox bring in items to remind them of life above the surface.

Locations Within Tranyx

Brubrot’s Magic Shop – Magic Shop
Calia’s – Jeweler
The Laughing Pixie – High end weapons/armor shop


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