Alignment: Neutral Evil
Capitol City:
Additional Cities:
Avatar: N/A


Ungaga have a very similar shape to Trox. They have a hard carapace, large mandibles, and four smaller arms protruding from their chest. The primary difference in appearance that they have from Trox is their ability to change the color of their skin at will. They usually use this ability to change their skin to dark greens and browns to camouflage them in their swampy environments. However, when they’re not actively hunting, they’ll sometimes change their skin transparent for intimidation. Their organs have a bright reddish glow, and appear as if they’re burning embers. This can be seen when they turn their skin transparent.


The Ungaga are one of the youngest cohesive races in all of Gorpandia. There are records of isolated Ungaga being born from the union (often nonconsenual) of a Zito and a Trox as early as the middle of the second age. It wasn’t until they banded together and moved to Satan’s Swamp in 3E6 that they started breeding with each other and were really seen for the individual race that they were. There, they sometimes commingle with the inhabitants of The Slop. They quickly adapted to their new environment and learned to camouflage themselves to remain hidden in only a few years.


When a briarborn is first flowered, they sprout from the ground, growing in an undefiled location, far from the eyes of other creatures. They are immediately the size of an adolescent, growing to maturity quickly over the course of a single year. Once they have sprouted, the adolescent briarborn instinctively know the way to the nearest knot, or collective home of Briarborn. They live in communities grown from their natural surroundings, using druidic magic to shape and weave the natural environment to suit their needs. Their homes are well defended and surprisingly well-camouflaged. Without knowing what one is looking for, a briarborn knot could complete elude a passerby. The briarborn are thought to draw their collective knowledge and wisdom directly from nature itself. At the heart of each knot is almost always some form of exaggerated living tree. This is a Dreaming Tree, their most sacred spot within the community. It is believed that the tree has some divine powers, granting the briarborn spells and imparting knowledge about the surrounding environs. Should a Dreaming Tree ever be killed, all of the briarborn connected to the knot are stricken with a profound sadness. They disband the knot, allowing the site to return to its natural state. They will seek out other knots and feel lost until they find another community. Many lost briarborn become adventurers. Fallen briarborn are allowed to lie where they fall, quickly composting into nurturing mulch. Other races find this practice abhorrent, but the briarborn see this as completely natural. All things return to the world, having been born of it.


Mating processes are only slightly understood. The process involves two or more briarborn and a shard of a Dreaming Tree. The participants travel to secluded untouched area and perform a ritual to draw a protector from the land.

House Styling

Home are shaped via druidic magic such that they are not cut down or harmed. Briarborn find logging to be defiling nature, and despise homes built of the material. Those living amongst other cultures hold their toungue and appear somber upon entering a home made of wood. Those living out of a patch of other Briarborn often make a pilgrimage to a Briarborn city to encounter a Dreaming Tree.


What follows is an account of the major historitcal events of the Briarborn people

  • 2E Avatar Calex creates the Briarborn people to help protect the woods from the invading demon cultists.
  • 2E Avatar Pine Brother is enlightened by Natsuma. Pine Brother found city of Whisdon in the giant forest. An army is raised in Shushire ready to defend against the demons.
  • 2E Pine Brother and Natsuma raise armies in Whisdon preparing to bring life to the dead woods surrounding Kutch. Whisdon is advanced in Farming.
  • 2E Pine Brother spreads life to the Ghoran people in Aldonton.
  • 2E The city of Pikti is founded by Pine Brother.
  • 3E Pine Brother raises Army in Pikti.
  • 3E Pine Brother creates city of Neaken, on the northwest island.
  • 3E The city of Neaken is sunk by God of Ray, for the Aquatzies.
  • 3E Pine Brother spreads word of Neaken destruction. Pikti raises an army along with Whisdon.
  • 3E Following the ransacking and destruction of Groffs, Briarborn and Ghoran travel and rebuild Groffs.


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