Founded By: Zito
Founding Date: 2E15
Common Races: Demons, Daemons, Devils Bear Force One
Location: On top of Northeastern floating islands
Known For: Gorz Flying School

Made mostly of ruins, this city holds the Gorz Flying School where Gorz who bearapult themselves up to the city can glide back down off of the floating islands to the earth. The city also stands as the main watch tower for the Gorz.


The Zito opened a portal in Veknar because of the strategic advantage of being up on the floating islands. They further defended themselves by advancing in fortification technologies. They became cocky and complacent with these defenses, however. When the Gorz attacked the city 2E482, there just wasn’t enough Zito there to defend the city, even with their advantageous position. The surviving Zito retreated into the portal and collapsed it, as they do when losing a position. Once conquered, the Gorz weren’t entirely sure how to use the city. The ruins of the city have not been rebuilt and some Gorz bearapult up to the city to learn about the Zito and get a look at Gorpandia from the highest viewpoint in Gorpandia.


A faction of The Open Spirit exists here. Few Gorz actually live in Veknar. The Gorz living here are either members of the Gorz Bear Force or extremely wealthy Gorz who sought to display their high class by rising even higher above the average Gorz. The wealthy Gorz inhabitants believe that they are superior to all other beings and look down on creatures who inhabit the earth. The Bear Force members attempt to make up for this smug attitude by greeting visitors diplomatically.

The city mostly consists of ruins as a result of the battle to take Veknar from the Zito. The Gorz had difficulty trying to transport supplies to Veknar due to the difference of weight between the supplies and the average Gorz. Few actual structures are built. Only the Flying School and a museum of Zito history (run by the Bear Force and told from what little the Gorz can learn from what remained of the city) stand as clear public buildings. There are also large homes built by the wealthy Gorz inhabitants.


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